Who and what is aquilla?

I'm the artist behind Aquilla; my name is Sharon.  I named my budding jewelry business Aquilla after my eighth great-grandfather, for no particular reason except that I liked the sound of the word.  Aquilla, and its variations, means 'eagle' in Latin and Spanish.   I was a hobby jeweler for years, nudged into the field by a series of synchronicities, all while continuing to practice as a psychotherapist and manage the books of my family's Christmas tree farm here in Vermont.  In response to the passion of my customers online and in person, I now offer a line of animal and place-based totems, or charms, which symbolize a love for a certain animal or region.  It is my strong belief that our connections to the animal and natural world make life better....I hope you agree. I now sell totems all over the world and I like to think that I'm making the world a better place, one piece of jewelry at a time.