In the studio

I wanted to give you a peek at what I've been working on in preparation for the annual Holiday Market, hosted by the Art House, which will happen in the Craftsbury Academy gym on December 6th.  Mark your calendars...this is a fun event!  Lots of local artists, vendors, and food; a great way to get some holiday shopping done in one trip while supporting the local economy. 

The earrings to the right are kind of fun and whimsical.  I sawed the silver triangles, hammered them, drilled holes, and added some little coral beads to dangle from the bottom.  

I love how delicate these earrings are, very feminine.  Again, I sawed and stamped the teardrops and hung them below tiny iolites and pearls, all of which are hung from french wires. Ooo la la!

Stay next giveaway is coming up soon!


These colorful earrings are made of sterling discs, which I sawed and stamped for kind of an organic look.  The discs hang below turquoise beads in shades of blue and turquoise for its variability!  The french wires are nice and secure.