15% off in December! And donation to a great cause!

Well, I came home from selling my jewelry at our local Holiday Market feeling very grateful.  I love my tiny little town and all of the people who came out in bad weather to support local artisans and crafters...yay!  I'm especially grateful for my 'fan club' who made it a really successful day for me.  Thank you!  I'm inspired to offer 15% off items in my online store for the month of December.  Use 'December15' to get your discount!  And, because it just feels like the right thing to do, I've been debating about donating a portion of my proceeds to a charity.  I spent some time thinking about which charity, but I kept coming back to something a bit avant garde, not a traditional charity.  My favorite non-fiction author is Craig Childs.  He's a naturalist, an explorer, and an exquisitely soulful writer, whose books I read over and over.  During this frenzied time of year (made more-so because of our Christmas tree farm happenings), I am ending my days reading his book 'Soul of Nowhere' which is so grounding that my mind settles right down and I sleep soundly.  Craig (I call him Craig because I like to think I know him and Mr. Childs feels way too formal) lives off the grid in Colorado and often has items in his 'wishlist' on his website such as books to help him with research.  This year there are no books on the list, but I feel compelled to donate money directly to him because I believe that his writing is a true gift to humanity.   I have no doubt that he lives simply and that he does not reap big financial rewards from his writing.  And, one of the best parts is that he has a small Craftsbury, VT, connection!  He was part of a writer's workshop several years ago which took place here every summer.  Anyway, my intention is to donate 5% of my online December profits to him because his work is so important to me.  

 Picture of Steve from Yankee Magazine, by Julia Shipley

Picture of Steve from Yankee Magazine, by Julia Shipley

So, that all said, I hope to get more jewelry on the site tomorrow....if I can find the time and escape our choose and cut business.  And on that note, for those of you who haven't seen it already there's a great blog series on Yankee Magazine's website about our tree farm; lots of great pictures and behind the scenes info. Sneak peek picture of Steve (my husband) holding a list of trees to be loaded.  Here's the link to the site: http://www.yankeemagazine.com/vermont-life/moffatts-tree-farm-may-tree   and, if you're interested, a link to our tree farm website: www.vtxmastrees.com

Thanks for reading again.  One last thing....I haven't forgotten my giveaways!  I realize I missed November, so I will make it up after the holidays pass and things slow down.  In the meantime, don't forget your 15% discount. Code: December15.  Happy shopping!