Just charming!


Well hello everyone.  It's a rainy Friday here but I'm getting ready to do my first Artist Talk at the Art House, which is really about beginning to put myself out there a bit.  I'm excited to be launching a new 'line' of jewelry, pieces I'm calling talismans.  I've known for a while that my intuitive abilities and jewelry skills would come together, and I have been doing some custom pieces based on intuitive readings.  But I wanted something a bit more accessible to people, and at a lower price point.  Call them talismans, charms, amulets...whatever suits you.  They're meant to support one's journey through life; mix and match as needed.  Here's a peek at my process:

It started with little drawings that I did for a variety of different qualities/feelings/ideas that any of us might want more of, things like patience, trust, confidence. I had the drawings made into rubber stamps, which is what you see in the above picture. 






Here's a lump of precious metal clay which has been rolled flat.  The clay is made of recycled fine silver dust and a clay binder and can be worked just as you would regular clay.



I pressed the stamps into the clay, cut out the shapes, then softened the edges with the rubber-tipped tool you see in the picture. 




Then the little guys (or gals!) need to dry completely, so here they are hanging out on my handy dandy mug warmer.  This speeds up the drying process.




After some final sanding and drilling holes, the talismans get fired in my kiln.  

Here they are after firing, looking dusty white.






Time for a bath!  I toss the fired talismans into my tumbler, add some water and a squirt of dish soap and then off they go to tumble for half an hour or so.  


Sorry for the blurry picture, but here are the charms after they've been tumbled and oxidized.  Putting liver of sulfur on the tumbled silver turns it black, which enhances the design.  The mug warmer is back in the mix because heat helps the oxidization go much more quickly.  Word to the wise: liver of sulfur smells like rotting eggs, or sulfur (obviously), or, if you're an adolescent boy (and I just might have a couple of those around), well, I'm thinking you can guess which bodily function they think it smells like.


The finished product!  From left to right:  just a leaf:), remembering one who has died, family of three...all on a snake chain. 

On a bangle bracelet (which I LOVE, by the way).  From the left: confidence, healing, centered

On a leather cord.  From the left: nature, intuition, strength.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into process of talisman-making.  Next up:  How these can best be used!