What's a talisman and why do I need one?

Let's get right to the point! A talisman is an object 'believed to contain certain magical properties which provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm' (Wikipedia).  I thought for a long time about what to call the charms I make.  'Charms' felt a bit overused, 'amulet' seemed a bit too specific, but 'talisman' seemed to capture the essence of the spirit-infused pieces of jewelry I was designing.   I need to digress here for just a bit..... I've always known deep-down that my jewelry-making skills and my intuitive abilities were going to mesh somehow.  I couldn't really see how the two would intersect, but I had faith that it would all come together.  For a while, I've been making one-of-a-kind pieces based on either doing an intuitive reading or tuning in specifically for a design.  I loved to do that kind of work, but I realized that cost of such a piece would be prohibitive for many.  I wanted to be able to reach more people with my intuitive jewelry so I crafted a line of talismans at an affordable price point but which still are infused with intention for the wearer.  

'Release' talisman, shown on a leather cord.

Alright, that's the background.  So, how can talismans be helpful?  Think of them as providing little boosts of support or energy around a specific desire.  Here's an example: you've just ended a relationship that wasn't healthy for you, but you're feeling stuck because you're thinking about that person more often than you'd like.  Or maybe it feels like your head wants to move on but your heart isn't getting the message.  This is where the 'release' talisman could be helpful.  I have found, in both my intuitive and counseling work, that people often struggle with letting go or moving on.  We form energetic cords (yes, it's true!) to people all the time and the strongest cords run between us and those about whom we feel most strongly. This is great if you're in a happy healthy relationship with that person, but not so good if you want to move on or not feel so intensely about that person.  'Release' can help with that.  I can even fine tune the talisman to you specifically; just add 'infusion' when you order your talisman.

 'Protection' talisman, shown on a leather cord.

'Protection' talisman, shown on a leather cord.

Let's explore another example.  Many of us are empaths.  Empaths are people who are exquisitely attuned to the feelings of others, sensitive to moods and the energy of locations.  I personally believe this is a great way to go through life but it can feel overwhelming and difficult at times unless you learn to protect yourself from all of those 'inputs'.  There are many ways to shield yourself if you're an empath, but I designed a 'protection' talisman for just that purpose.  I could imagine this being used in so many ways and for so many situations.  Are you in middle school or do you have a middle schooler in your midst?  This talisman is perfect for all of the 'ick' that swirls around the halls at that age.  Are you an empath working around groups of people (such as a teacher) or in difficult situations (a hospital, perhaps)?  The protection talisman would be helping you in such an environment.  For goodness sake, I could see wearing this talisman when going into the big box stores, which I find quite challenging to tolerate.  

So you see, there are endless possibilities for these little lovelies.