New jewelry and a giveaway!


Well, I just LOVE to give things away so I've decided to do it every month!  Just sign up on the homepage to receive my journal entries, if you haven't already.  Now to the good stuff:  I'm going to give away these lovelies to one of my journal subscribers...drawn randomly.  Enter by Sunday, Sept. 21 at midnight.  I promise not to post more than once a week.  Aren't these fun?  I love the organic-y print, kind of leafy.  They make me think of William Morris, an artist/designer from the Arts and Crafts movement from the late 1800s. They're made of recycled fine silver and hand made sterling ear wires.  These are truly every day earrings.  


All that sparkles! earrings

I've been busy in the studio making some one of a kind pieces for people I care about who are dealing with health issues.  But I've also made some new things which are now on the site.  Look at these sparklers!  Druzy quarts cabochons set in a brushed sterling bezel.  These could add a touch of fun to your everyday life; I guarantee they will get attention.  I saw a pair similar to this on a woman in a workshop and I couldn't stop looking at them; druzy catches the light like nothing else. I've bought another set of stones to make some for myself!

And these little earrings are called 'Find your center' for obvious reasons.  Who couldn't use some support to stay centered?  I'm always drawn back to spirals because I just find them timeless and mesmerizing.  I put a little ball of silver at the center of these, which is echoed by the sphere at the end of the handmade ear wire.  These are only $25!!  And, as always, free shipping. 

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, this 'Adobe moon' necklace.  It's one of a series of adobe necklaces I've made.  Originally I was thinking the design would support first chakra work (sense of belonging, deserving to be 'here', safety) but I think it works for everything and reminds us of our roots.  I can't figure out if the moon is the window or if the door is outside and the gateway to a portal.  What do you think?

Well, dear readers and friends, back to the studio to finish my healing pieces.  Enjoy this lovely upcoming weekend!!